Two on Tuesday

1. I got my hair cut today. That is actually worth mentioning because getting a haircut is something I only do about once every year and a half. I grow it down to my waist, then get it cut to shoulder length and donate the ponytail to Locks for Love. When you live with three males, you can have 14 inches taken off your hair and nobody will notice.

2. I’m off to London tomorrow! Just me and College Student…Dad and Junior High Kid will stay home. (It’s nice that Dad works from home now instead of 30 miles away! It’ll make it easier to deal with Junior High Kid’s schedule.) I decided years ago that I wanted to take each kid on a special trip, anywhere in the world they want to go, just the two of us, sometime before they move out. College Student chose London. And the timing of this trip couldn’t be better…College Student is off to the west coast for the internship of a lifetime three days after we get back.

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