We’re back! (And College Student leaves again today for his internship…I’ve been so happy for him that he’s going to have this experience and so proud of him that he got it that I don’t think it really hit me until this morning that HE’S GOING TO BE GONE ALL SUMMER. But at least it’s just the summer…he’ll be back for school this fall.)

Re-entry is hard. We got home around 10:30-11:00 Thursday night (every flight we were on…all six of them…were on time!), and even though we’d been up for 23 hours at that point, neither of us went right to bed. When I did finally go to bed, I only slept about six hours. I just couldn’t sleep any more. I even tried to go back to bed again mid-morning, but it didn’t work. I was pretty out of it all day, though. I had my mandolin lesson (after close to two weeks of not practicing) and my teacher said, “okay, why don’t we just start with some scales?”

Both kids had plans Friday night, so my husband and I went out for sushi, then came home and watched a little TV. I kept falling asleep, though. I was in bed by 9:00 Friday night.

Both yesterday and today, I went to bed early and woke up early (like 5:00 a.m. early)…but I feel good during the day. I guess that’s the extent of my jet lag.

I took 920 pictures while we were in London, so I’ve been organizing all those pictures and making up a little book of our trip (did I say little??? I’ve got 8 pages so far and I’m only up to the part where we decided to take that hop on/hop off city bus tour thing…which was about four hours after we arrived…this thing is going to be 100 pages when I’m done!). I did not come home to an e-mail or a phone message from my editor on my Monkey Man sequel, but I suppose I should still read it over one of these days and see how it is so I’m ready to get going on that revision (there’s plenty I can be working on on my own before that revision letter/phone call comes anyway…and it will be coming any day.) I’ve got some things I can be working on for one of my other publishers, too…and two little changes I wanted to make on my police book (the publisher wanted to wait until the contract was signed before we started that)….once I fully return to my life.


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