I just turned in my revised picture book…and I’m feeling pretty good about it. It’s WAY better than it was before…and I believe I have addressed every single issue that was pointed out to me. Whether or not I have created new issues with this version remains to be seen…but like I said, I’m feeling good! For now. And I have to say that with a lot of publishers, I wouldn’t have even heard back on the first version yet, much less had a chance to revise and send in another manuscript. That’s one advantage to working with a smaller publisher!

So now what?

Well…this weekend is the Landlocked Film Festival (80 independent films shown in 5 different venues). Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living here??? Anyway, I’m going to the festival with a writer friend tonight. There’s one documentary in particular that we’re both really interested in. In fact, we think a picture book needs to be written on this subject, so…we may collaborate on one! Which should be an interesting experiment. I’ve always thought she and I should collaborate on something sometime because we have opposite strengths/weaknesses.

There will also be pasta tonight…and quite possibly even ice cream. Hmm. Perhaps I should have taken a longer bike ride this morning?

Next week it’s back to the series proposal…

The work is done, so now I can play!

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