My promise to myself

Okay…I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on my series proposal. It shouldn’t be too hard…I’m still excited about this proposal and the writing is going well.

Here’s a list of things I’m NOT going to do this afternoon because I’m going to be working on my series proposal:

1) coming up with a name for our girl band…we’ve got our first public performance two weeks from tomorrow and we don’t have a name for ourselves! We will NOT be known as the “Estrogen Strings!” Two of us are quitting before that happens.

2) writing a new speech so I can compete in our Toastmaster’s humorous speech contest next week…that would be crazy because right now we have no other contestants. So if I compete, I will likely advance to the area contest.

3) checking out the dogs available for adoption from area rescue groups…despite what I told myself when I did it this morning, this is NOT research for my series proposal.

4) taking a bike ride…I jogged this morning; I do not need a bike ride right now.

5) keep thinking of things I will NOT do this afternoon instead of work on my series proposal.

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