It’s Fire Safety Week…which means I will be reading F is for Fire Fighting and signing books at the Coralville Public Library tonight. I feel like a bit of a schmuck, though, because I’ll be showing up in my yoga clothes! (I probably would not attempt that anywhere other than the Coralville library…they know me pretty well in there!) The reading/signing is at 6:30 and yoga is at 7:30. Showing up in my yoga clothes is the only way I can do both.

The children’s librarian knows I’m showing up in my yoga clothes…and she said it was okay (though I doubt she would’ve told me if it WASN’T okay). My dear friend down the street is coming to cheer me on (we also take yoga together)…she said the kids won’t mind how I’m dressed and the adults will think I’m “more approachable” if I’m not all dressed up. I like the way she thinks!

Hey, maybe I’ll lead the kids in a little yoga before I start? Deborah Wiles did that when she was here last year. She showed everyone her “yoga of writing” pose (which she made up) that she does before she starts writing every day. I’ll show them Mountain…and maybe Cat-Cow. If I’m going to show up dressed for yoga, I may as well use it, right?

The fire department will be there, too, so hopefully the kids will be more interested in the fire trucks than they are in what I’m wearing!

As long as the newspaper doesn’t show up, I should be good. I’ve had plenty of press coverage over the last few years, so I wouldn’t think the fact I’m reading F is for Fire Fighting AGAIN is really all that newsworthy?

Fire Safety Week!

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