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I blogged at Kidlit_Central today. Actually, my friend sarah_prineas did most of the work. I interviewed her, so all I had to do was come up with some questions and refresh my memory on how to post photos. She did the rest. But check it out…she’s had amazing success as a children’s book author (and I love the story of where she was/what she was doing when she found out she sold her book)!

My dog’s hanging in there…she looked pretty good yesterday. She actually walked around a little bit. Today she’s not so good again. So I don’t know if the steroids are helping or not. We’ll know on Wednesday…that’s when I take her back to the vet to have her red blood cell count checked again. For now, the important thing is to try and get her to eat, which is a challenge because most of the time she doesn’t even have the strength to go over to her bowl. I have to put little pieces of the ID canned dog food in front of her. Sometimes she’ll eat them, sometimes she won’t. So I don’t know if she’s going to survive this or not. My dear friend from down the street was just here visiting Molly. She had tears running down her face when she left. She probably thinks she hid them from me, but I saw.

Let’s talk about something more cheerful. My children’s writers book discussion group met on Saturday. It’s always fun to get together with these people! I absolutely LOVED the book we read this month (I could relate to it!). And as much as I loved it, somebody else probably hated it just as much. One other person liked it…another person disliked it…the others were lukewarm. What I found most interesting about our discussion was not even the fact that some of us liked it and some of us hated it, but we had different opinions on whether or not the book was well written or not! I thought it was beautifully written…the two who didn’t like it thought it was poorly written. I can understand why some of us might enjoy the book or not enjoy it, but how is it we can all look at this same piece of writing and disagree about whether or not it’s well written??? Are we so blinded by our initial impression of the book that we see what we want to see in it? In other words, did I identify so deeply with this book that I saw beautiful writing that wasn’t there? Did other people hate it so much that they found no redeeming quality in it whatsoever? I didn’t like the extremely popular book we read last month…others in this group DID like it. But I don’t think any of us felt it was very well written. So how do you determine whether a book is well written??? Is that just as subjective as whether or not you like a book?

I should have written today. My husband will come home and ask me what I did and I will point to the apple pie I baked, the double batch of chocolate chip cookies, the crock pot of potato soup and the asparagus chicken in the wok (hey, I’m not here for dinner the next two nights, so I had to make sure there was food here for everyone else). I can also say I jogged 3.2 miles…wasted time here (thanks, jillsbooks), caught up on my e-mail…e-mailed with another writer friend on POV…and requested review books.

Tomorrow I will write. Really. I don’t know what I will write, but I will write something besides a blog entry.

7 thoughts on “Random Stuff on a Monday

  1. Boiled chicken worked well with my dog. I’d mash it up and sometimes I;d put a little on my finger. I also would give her anything she wanted to eat but sometimes it would take me trying several different items. She liked chicken nuggets and deli roast beef. BTW you can look at her gums and get an idea of her count. They should be pink and not pale or white.

    Take care. I’m thinking of you.

  2. Thanks again for doing that interview, Dori! The librarian at the event today forward it to me because she liked it so much. I said I’d read it already (!!).

    You WILL write on Saturday, that’s for sure!!

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