Friday Five on Halloween

1. Last night I took a long walk with a friend. She said, “I’m glad it’s going to be nice tomorrow night.” I said, “Oh, do you have plans for tomorrow night?” (She has a 1, 3, 10 and 11-year-old so OF COURSE she has plans!) This proves:

a. I am completely clueless
b. I don’t have kids who are trick-o-treating
c. all of the above

(I DO have Halloween candy, though…)

2. It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Iowa…like 70-degree beautiful! Which reminds me of the Halloween blizzard that buried the Twin Cities in 30 inches of snow! We weren’t actually living there that year…we were in Rochester, MN, which only saw about 15 inches of snow. When I was a kid, I bundled up in my winter coat every Halloween (which I HATED because it covered up my costume). My kids NEVER wore winter coats on Halloween. With the exception of LAST winter, we really do have about a month less winter here than where I grew up.

3. I miss making Halloween costumes with my kids! Here are a couple of our better ones (my kids will probably kill me if they see this!)

The guy on the left is a recycling bin!


And if I’m going to post old pictures of my kids in public, I suppose I should post an old picture of me, too. That’s me in the purple witch hair standing between the World Wide Web and the Magic Tree House (of all the costumes I helped my kids with, the Magic Tree House is my all-time favorite!).


4. Since we have no Halloween decorations out, the grown-up Recycling Bin/World Wide Web suggested we put a McCain-Palin sign in our yard, just for Halloween. I said no. Too scary. (Not to mention I don’t think I could bring myself to call up someone from the McCain campaign and ask them to bring me a sign.)

5. Check out the contest at Kidlit_Central. I’m giving away a 1-page synopsis critique over there.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five on Halloween

  1. Cute costume. One of Meredith’s friends was going as a toilet, and we were wondering how he was going to do that because last year, he went as a potted plant with an actual pot and foliage. We hoped he wasn’t carrying around a toilet all night.

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