Up and Down on the Doggy Rollercoaster

Our dog took a turn for the worst again this weekend.


Our vet is a saint! He lets me call him at home…on a Sunday evening…and assures me it’s okay that I called him.

My husband told me Molly was looking worse on Friday, but I said she was fine. She just didn’t look as good as she did on Thursday, which was a really good day. She’s gone steadily downhill since.

She is still eating (only the canned ID food…which we dole out in little pieces on the floor in front of her nose)…not a lot, but some. And her eyes track us as we walk around in the room (they didn’t when we thought we were putting her down a week ago). But she just lays on the floor like a sad lump. She needs to be carried everywhere again. Her breathing has been heavy and raspy. And last night we noticed she has a fist sized sac of fluid on her throat.

The vet told me to come in first thing in the morning…and to “prepare everyone.” This was probably it.

I ended up sleeping (or NOT sleeping) next to her much of the night.

I excused my high-school-aged son from school today…my college student was going to skip his first class…and we set out for the vet’s office. But surprise! Her red count was up! Up to 27. But something is definitely making her sicker.

She’s in congestive heart failure right now. We could have put her down this morning (the vet said it wouldn’t be a “wrong” decision). But we decided to try two medications to get rid of all that extra fluid and treat the congestive heart failure. The vet said we’d know within 24 hours whether it’s helping or not. If she doesn’t improve tomorrow, the vet says we should probably give up. (In which case, I’ll be excusing my high-school-aged son from school again….I did take him to school when it was clear Molly was coming back home.)

I’ve got five different medications for this dog right now…plus a big bottle of iron supplements. And if she does survive, it’s going to be a real balancing act figuring out how much prednisone to give her vs. how much of the two pills she got today. And then we may have to add potassium to the mix, too. At some point we will have to decide whether keeping her going is really the right thing to do.

I asked a friend of mine yesterday (she’s MAYBE even more into dogs than I am…she’s a regular volunteer at the animal shelter) how do you know when to let them go? She said, “you’ll know.”

17 thoughts on “Up and Down on the Doggy Rollercoaster

  1. My heart is with you. It is the hardest thing. It took me 10 years to get over the loss of my dog and get another one. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I am in love again, but you never forget the love they give us. Never.
    God Bless You. Lois

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