My dog is doing better again. That sac of fluid on her neck has decreased. She’s actually walking around a little…and she’s more alert and interested in what’s going on around her than she’s been in quite some time. She’s still pretty lethargic, though. And she still has a lot of trouble on our kitchen floor. She likes to lay on the kitchen floor, but as soon as anyone leaves the room, if she can’t get up (which she can’t more often than not), she’ll cry until we come and pick her up.

I know we’re far from out of the woods…I’ll be talking to the vet every day for a while so he can tell me what combination of medicines to give. The combination will change on a daily basis. And Molly still may not survive this.

Sometimes I think I can’t keep doing this. That’s twice now that we’ve actually been told to “prepare everyone.” Twice that we’ve planned on putting her down (yesterday we actually drove to the vet intending to do it). But then there’s always this one last thing that we can try…and it’s always reasonable to try it…and then she improves for a little bit…and then she gets worse again. I can’t keep doing this.

But what’s the alternative? Put her down once and for all? I guess I can’t do that either…not if there’s still a chance she can get better. All I can do is take the good days when they come…and be ready to let her go when the time is right.

I slept a lot better last night, which means I’m able to enjoy this beautiful day. I voted a week ago, so I don’t have to fight the crowds at the polls today. I took a 20-mile bike ride this morning (looking at the upcoming forecast, that may be my last bike ride this season) and now I’m sitting on my screened-in porch with my dog at my side. Let’s see if I can actually get some writing done?

(BTW, if you haven’t entered the Kidlit Central Halloween Scavenger Hunt, the deadline has been extended! You have until this Friday to enter. There are a bunch of great prizes…last I heard there were more prizes than entrants, so check it out! Scroll down to the Oct. 31 entry.)

Better day…

5 thoughts on “Better day…

  • November 4, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    I decided as long as my dog was not suffering, I would do what ever needed to be done within reason. My dog had the fluid overload and she was treated with Lasix and improved. She had days where she couldn’t get up so I carried her. Other days were better. I gave her medicines, fed her, kept her comfortable, gave her love. She was pretty much an invalid. When the time came, I did not have to make the decision. She passed away at home with husband and me next to her holding her. She died peacefully.

    Wishing you the best. I hope I am not depressing! I am praying for your dog to be one of the survivors.

    • November 5, 2008 at 5:34 pm

      That’s my bottom line, too…as long as she’s not suffering, we’ll keep going. Her quality if life isn’t great…and the vet says there is a tremendous strain on her heart, but he doesn’t believe she’s actually in pain. She’s just tired and old.

      When the time comes, I hope my dog goes the way yours did. I thought that was exactly what was happening around 3:30 a.m. Monday morning…her breathing started to slow way down all of a sudden and she was just a limp rag doll. But she came back.

      (And no, you’re not depressing me at all…I already know the prognosis is poor. It actually helps to hear from someone who has been exactly where I am…right down to the same health issues.)

    • November 5, 2008 at 5:35 pm

      Thanks! We are…I held her on my lap while I watched the election coverage last night. It was nice to have her head resting against my heart. She normally sits BESIDE me (or at my feet) rather than on top of me.

      • November 5, 2008 at 10:47 pm

        Perfect! I’ve been there, done that…with many elderly kitties in my life. (wish they lived as long as parrots!) They know/appreciate all we do.


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