I received sketches for my picture book, P is for Police, which I THINK is supposed to be out this fall. The illustrator who did my F is for Fire Fighting is doing this one, too (which I’m really excited about). What I really liked about the fire fighting book is she hid a dog on every page. I’ve been hoping she’d do the same thing with the police book.

Well, guess what? She didn’t hide a dog on every page…she hid a CAT on every page. Well, ALMOST every page…I’m not finding one on the L page, and I wonder if that’s intentional? L is for lie detector! There’s a mouse on that page (a computer mouse), but no cat! I think I’m going to be disappointed if it turns out there IS a cat on that page…how cool is that to have no cat on the lie detector page? There are one or two other pages that I’m not seeing the cat on, either…I HOPE 1) I missed it, or 2) it just isn’t showing up in the sketches. (Actually, there’s no cat on the fingerprint page, either…but there are paw prints!)

Anyway…the art is fabulous! I could not be happier with it. This is a perfect example of how a picture book belongs equally to the artist and the author. Joan took my text and added to it…she’s got a whole story going on in this art work.

Art for P is for Police

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