1. My dog, Mouse, passed basic obedience last night. I pretty much expected him to pass…he passed the practice test two weeks ago (we didn’t have class last week because of the snow…we didn’t have much of anything last week because of the snow, wind and cold!). So there’s hoop #1 toward becoming a therapy dog. We’re already signed up for the canine good citizen class that starts this Sunday…that’s hoop #2. I also have plans to “shadow” a local person who does therapy dog work next week…I’m looking forward to that. I’ve done a lot of reading, but reading doesn’t compare to actually seeing/doing. I still haven’t given up on the idea of search and rescue, but I’m definitely leaning more toward therapy work.

2. My younger son went back to school today…schools here have been closed since a week ago today. Unbelievable!

3. Had a great time writing with the Rebels yesterday…then lunching at the Chinese/Japanese restaurant afterwards. I was glad the people with younger kids at home could get away…we’ve been trying to have lunch at this restaurant since the end of November (to celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo). Every time we made plans we had bad weather!

4. I’m not actually “writing” these days…I’m rereading/rethinking/replotting my science fiction mystery. And I had something of a breakthrough at the coffee shop yesterday…that seems to happen when we get together.

5. I haven’t done any rereading/rethinking/replotting yet today (though I did go over my sketches for P is for Police so I could e-mail comments back to my editor…it’s nice that they actually asked for my opinion). I’ve been a little obsessed with watching Inauguration activities. But I’m going to buckle down now for the next hour and do some rereading/rethinking/replotting. Really, I am.

Odds and Ends…

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