Friday Five

1. For the second week in a row, I came directly to the coffee shop after dropping High School Kid off at jazz band…which means I arrived at 7:05 a.m. I have staked out our corner.

2. Even though they play some bizarre music in here, I really like this coffee shop because I can go up to the counter and tell the guy, “I don’t like coffee. But I don’t feel like having tea today. I really like chocolate…and caramel…but I don’t want to get fat again. Can you make me something low-cal, that doesn’t taste like coffee, but still tastes good?” and he will make me something that IS really good.

3. I’m excited that we Iowa Citians have writer friends who are willing to drive 30 minutes, 75 minutes…and today we even have someone who is going to drive more than two hours one way just to write with us. We’re good, but are we THAT good? Would I spend four hours on the road to write with these people? Well, yeah…I might…once in a while. I love writer friends!

4. There are other things in my life besides writing and coffee shops…my new dog! (Though he’s not all that new anymore.) I LOVE having a big dog…more than I thought I would. (But I do get a little offended when people give me and my very-well-behaved-on-the-trail-dog such a wide berth. He’s NOT going to attack you, people!!! Unless you threaten me…then MAYBE he will attack.)

5. I’m getting to work now. Really, I am.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Thanks for sharing, Dori–what a messy situation. Sounds like you handled it in a really up-front, polite, and businesslike way. And that they kind of screwed you over! Glad you have so many other irons in the fire!

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