A retreat from the retreat….

We’re here…somewhere in northern Missouri. Yes, I’m the one who drove three of us here and that is the best I can do…somewhere in northern Missouri…about a mile past the pump in the middle of the road. We are eleven women who have put together a (dare I call it “the first annual?”) children’s writers retreat.

I’ll be honest…no actual writing has happened yet. But there’s a very good reason for that. This was on the door when we arrived:


So we all (well, those of us who were there) trooped down to the barn to watch:



We’re such tourists…oohing and ahhing through the little holes in the barn during the process. Let me tell you, it’s a lot of work birthing a calf! Patricia’s husband and son had this long pole with some sort of chain attached to the end to pull the calf out. When it was over this was what we saw:


Patricia’s poor husband probably thought we were a bunch of lunatics standing out there talking about how cool this was…while he’s covered in, well, blood and cow poop etc. Just another day at the farm for him.

So anyway…we couldn’t write right after that…and then the Kansas City people came so we had to greet them…and then we had to make dinner…and then we had to eat dinner…and then we had to eat dessert…and then it was dark so some of us had to take a walk and see the stars (and we were almost attacked by a one-eyed car).

We’re having fun…wish you were here! And writing will happen tomorrow for sure!

7 thoughts on “A retreat from the retreat….

  1. Great weekend

    It was a great weekend! Thanks for your help with the “chores” Dori. I’ve got work to do tomorrow on what I wrote this weekend- and hoping to be able to do it.

    The “writer’s cabin” is still set up on the pond bank. Perhaps I can escape to it!

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