So, my dog brings in the newspaper every morning. (I know…he’s a very cool dog!) I read it, then put it out with recycling and I don’t think any more about it.

Earlier this week I put together a new power point presentation to go with my Buddy Files books. Because the books are about dogs, I figure that gives me carte blanche to brag about my own dog. So I added a couple pictures (and a short video) of him doing some tricks in my power point presentation. I thought everything looked GREAT…until I actually took a look at the rolled up newspaper hanging out of my dog’s mouth in the one picture. It has the word SEX on it! Wouldn’t that be nice up on the big screen in the middle of my presentation to second and third graders next week?

I decided it might be wise to take a new picture. (Good thing I noticed NOW instead of next week!) So I went out to the recycling bin to get another newspaper. (Hey, my dog doesn’t care…he’ll bring in the newspaper 15 times if it means he gets 15 treats!) But it’s been an interesting news week here in Iowa City. Stories about the elementary school counselor who was found guilty of SEX abuse have dominated the front page of our newspaper all week. Then there was the story about the U of I canceling a porn film at the Bijou (do you think the word PORN would look any better on my power point?). Fortunately, I managed to find a newspaper that I could fold such that the only headlines visible are the ones about small businesses beating the odds and the snow! And now I have a new slide for my power point presentation (though I liked my dog’s expression better on the other picture!)

Anyway…let that be a lesson to the rest of you who are putting together power point presentations for kids. Make sure the ENTIRE SLIDE is acceptable to be putting up on the big screen for all to see!

Newspaper headlines…

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