Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach

Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach

By the time Alex Hopewell breaks her third egg in her fifth grade class’s Family Life Unit she’s earned the nickname “Alex Hopeless.” Since Mrs. Ryder won’t trust her with an egg, she has to write a report about child development. That’s when Alex announces that she is going to be her mom’s labor coach. There’s only one problem—she hasn’t told her mom yet! Things don’t always go easily for Alex. Her parents talked to Mrs. Ryder at the beginning of the year about her learning disorder, but Alex still thinks Mrs. Ryder hates her. Somehow Alex knows everything will be fine if only she can be there when the baby is born. Finally, her parents agree. Then Alex’s mother goes into labor early, and Alex gets a chance to prove what a great kid she really is.

Available in Hardcover Only
Ages 10 and Up

Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach
Albert Whitman & Co 2005 ISBN: 0807502421


“Alexandra Hopewell is called ‘Alex Hopeless’ by her classmates; she is endlessly in the doghouse with her teacher, and, as if life weren’t complicated enough, she has announced that she is going to be her pregnant mom’s labor coach. Just when Alex decides that being in the delivery room might be too overwhelming, her mother goes into labor, and Alex must prove herself to her parents, her teacher, and her skeptical classmates….this merits consideration for its candor regarding the birthing process, unusual in fiction for this age group.” Booklist


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