F is for Fire Fighting

F is for Fire Fighting

This exciting picture book for young children teaches the ABCs of firefighting. A popular career choice for most five year olds, firefighting conjures images of pump trucks, sirens, and ladders. This informative and fun ABC journey gives a bit of firefighting history with “B is for bucket brigade” and moves into the 21st century with “T is for thermal imaging camera.” The colorful illustrations sport a spotted Dalmatian hidden on every page.

Ages 4 and up

F is for Fire Fighting
Pelican Publishing Company 2007 ISBN: 1589804201


“This up-to-date treatment of a high-interest topic is perfect for its intended audience, and children will soak up details like sponges…this accessible resource can be used to supplement community and community workers curriculum areas.” -School Library Journal

“Informative and intriguing” -Kirkus


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