Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls

Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls

Tank’s summer is not shaping up the way he’d hoped. It’s bad enough that his three stepsisters will be sharing his cramped house for the summer vacation. Then he finds out that he has to work with a math tutor every day and fill a big notebook with his writing—just to pass fifth grade!

Tank wishes he could just sell his friend Jason’s movie script to Hollywood. After all, Tank is Jason’s agent. But passing fifth grade is a big deal too and soon, inspired by his brother’s breakup with Jason’s sister, Tank realizes he can fill his notebook writing a guide to girls. It will be a bestseller!

Tank has plenty of material to work with—his three stepsisters and Jason’s strange new interest in Kelly, the Mistress of Evil. What is up with that, anyway? Readers first met Tank and Jason in Trading Places with Tank Talbott. Dori Butler’s new novel featuring this pair of boys as they try to figure out what makes girls tick is sure to be a hit.

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Ages 9 and Up

Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls
Albert Whitman & Co 2006 ISBN: : 0807577615


“Butler’s follow-up to Trading Places with Tank Talbott is a satisfying, often humorous read (Tank’s explanations for girls’ behavior are particularly creative), which touches on such matters as Internet safety, changing friendships, and anger management, especially as it relates to Tank’s older brother….kids will like Tank and also understand his hope to demystify the opposite sex. —Booklist

“This sequel to Trading Places with Tank Talbott stands on its own….Readers will relate to this painfully honest portrayal of growing up as seen from a believable 11-year-old boy’s perspective. Tank’s inspirational idea of writing a ‘Guide to Girls’ for his assignment provides lots of humor, and well-realized interactions between contemporaries and siblings add interest. Tank learns to appreciate the value of friendship and begins to deal more effectively with his problems as he negotiates the roadblocks in his path and moves on to middle school.” —School Library Journal

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