Monkey Man Novels

Companion novels for 4th-8th graders.

Spoiler Alert: The description of Yes, I Know the Monkey Man gives away the mystery in Do You Know the Monkey Man. Read Do You Know the Monkey Man first!

The Books

Yes, I Know the Monkey Man

Yes, I Know the Monkey Man

Peachtree Publishers 2009

What happens when everything you thought was true about your life turns out to be a lie?

Thirteen-year-old T. J. always believed that her twin sister and her mother were dead—because that’s what her father had told her. But Mom and Sam are very much alive. And now they want T. J. to be part of their family.

Life with Joe, her troubled but well-intentioned father, is all T. J. has ever known. Joe’s erratic lifestyle has meant lying to social workers and searching through garbage cans for food. But T. J. loves him and the grandmother who has provided stability in her life.

When T. J. reluctantly visits her mom and Sam for the first time, she is stunned by how similar she is to her twin sister in many ways, even though their lives have been very different. But while she is drawn to her new family, she is also wary of becoming attached to them and hurting her father’s feelings. When Joe suffers a debilitating accident and tries to ensnare T. J. in another web of lies, however, her loyalties are finally tested. Now she must confront the truth about her family, even if it hurts the people she loves.

In this thought-provoking companion to the popular Do You Know the Monkey Man?, author Dori Hillestad Butler has created a highly readable, complex portrait of a family in crisis. Her skillful portrayal of T. J., a conflicted adolescent struggling with her identity and reacting to family pressures, will resonate with readers.


Available in Hardcover Only

Ages 10 and Up

Do You Know the Monkey Man

Do You Know the Monkey Man

Peachtree Publishers 2005

Samantha’s quest to answer her questions about her past sets in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever.

For thirteen-year-old Samantha, life consists of too many unanswered questions. Why has her father not tried to contact her all these years? How could he have allowed her twin sister to drown in Clearwater Quarry when they were only toddlers? And how can Samantha’s mother expect her to accept some man she hardly knows as her new father? Samantha already has a father out there. Somewhere.

A fateful decision sets into motion a chain of events and confrontations that will change Samantha’s and her family’s lives forever. As she sets out to find her father and discover what really happened the day her sister was presumed drowned, she uncovers painful secrets that threaten to destroy her family all over again.

Readers will be drawn into Dori Butler’s dramatic, suspenseful, and sensitive story of one family’s crisis unwittingly brought on by an adolescent girl’s search for the truth.

Available in Hardcover and Scholastic Book Club Paperback Edition

Ages 10 and Up