My boys are 11 and 16. I knew the 11-year-old would still want to hunt for eggs today, but I wasn’t sure about the 16-year-old. I knew he’d still WANT the candy, but would he want to work for it? That I wasn’t so sure about. And I couldn’t get a direct answer out of him when I asked…he just said “either way.” I took that to meet he still wanted to hunt for the stuff, but didn’t want to admit it.

As it turned out, the kids decided to hide stuff for each other this year. Which worked out well for me…each one came up with different hiding places than I usually use. Andy SO wanted a treasure hunt for his baskets. He wanted a bunch of clues that would eventually lead to each basket. I’ve often done treasure hunts for birthday parties. But a treasure hunt for Easter stuff just seemed a little too complicated for me. And Ben wasn’t thrilled about doing one for him, either. So he didn’t get one. But he did make one up for Ben (for one of Ben’s baskets anyway). He ran out of time and couldn’t do more than one. This morning poor Ben knew where all three baskets were, but couldn’t take any of them because he didn’t know which one was at the end of his treasure hunt. And poor Andy kept getting his stuff rehidden after he found it (though it took him a while to realize it was happening). Eventually he got smart and found an old computer case to carry his stash around in as he hunted for more.

There are still about eight little chocolate eggs unaccounted for, so I hope the kids find them before the dog does. The dog found two right away this morning as soon as she was free.

Happy Easter!

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