…And apparently “Zoe is scary, too!” (So claims my almost-12-year-old son) Who are Zack and Zoe? you ask. Well, they are the stars of these two…(what would you call them? Novelty books?) that I did for Running Press a couple years ago. I just received my author copies of Zack’s Potty and Zoe’s Potty last night.

The books are pink and blue…cardboard…fold-up things. The top is a circle showing Zack’s face (or Zoe’s face, depending on which book you’re looking at). Then you pull apart the velcro hands, pull Zack or Zoe’s legs down, open Zack or Zoe’s sweater, and read the little story inside about Zack or Zoe learning to use the potty (written by yours truly). There’s even a chart and a little book for Mom and Dad tucked away inside Zack or Zoe’s backpack (on the back of the book/doll/whatever it is).

So, I asked my son why these adorable little things (and I’m honestly not trying to sell them here…I did the work for a flat fee, so I don’t get any royalties) are so “scary.” He raised his eyebrow at me and said, “Mom, the kid’s got a book inside his chest! Don’t you find that just a little bit scary?”

Thinking…thinking…thinking…oh, okay. I get it now. The above-mentioned almost-12-year-old does NOT want people to know that his mom writes how-to-use-the-potty books! (Psst! His mom also writes books that say where babies come from. And those books have pictures and everything.)

Hey, Amr! You’re not still reading my blog, are you?

“Zack is scary!”

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