So, the UPS Store now has an “unsatisfactory” rating with the Better Business Bureau (, which does give me some satisfaction. The Iowa Attorney General also has a complaint on file for them and so does Consumer Affairs. But I still haven’t given up hope of recovering my damages.

UPS Corporate actually says I have a legitimate claim. But they can’t help me because I shipped through the UPS Store. The UPS Store needs to file the claim since they are the shipper…and they are unwilling to do that, probably because they know they have screwed up this situation so badly and they don’t want their superiors to know. UPS will probably also say that THEY are the ones who are responsible for my damage.

So UPS told me to call UPS Store corporate again. UPS actually has record that my first claim was paid, and they have no record of a second claim ever being filed. (The UPS Store owner is telling her corporate office that the first claim was DENIED and the second claim was paid, and that I’m just unhappy with the second claim.) And the first UPS Store corporate person I dealt with took her at her work. He didn’t check. Supposedly this new person I’m dealing with is checking into that. HOPEFULLY, I can still get this second claim filed. THat’s all I really need to do…get the thing filed! So UPS can process it. (If the store owner WASN’T in the wrong, wouldn’t you think she’d just FILE THE CLAIM??? It’s not up to her to decide whether to pay it or not…it’s up to UPS!) Again…beware of UPS Stores…

UPS Update

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