So I got my copies of the Scholastic book order version of Do You Know the Monkey Man. Their version has a different cover, and at first glance, I really LIKED their cover (what can I say? I like blue!). I wouldn’t say I ever DISLIKED Peachtree’s cover…I’m just not sure what I think of it. I know it was done at the last minute by a designer at Peachtree. Peachtree had originally contracted an illustrator to do the cover, but the illustrator was late, and then they didn’t like what the illustrator turned in. I never saw the original…but I was told that it gave away the mystery. If that’s the case, I’m glad they were able to come up with something else.

People tell me it’s a “great cover.” I think it’s an INTRIGUING cover…there’s a lot to look at…but I wasn’t sure it had much “kid appeal” at first. It seems to, though…kids tell me they like it.

But now that I can look at the two side by side…I think I actually prefer the Peachtree cover…I think it asks more questions. I wonder which cover kids will like better?

Scholastic book order version of Do You Know the Monkey Man

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