Wear a bike helmet!!!!

That’s worth repeating…(and shouting) WEAR A BIKE HELMET!!!! Wear a bike helmet EVERY TIME you go out on your bike, no matter how experienced of a rider you are. If I didn’t already realize just how important that was a year ago when Preteen wiped out up in northern Minnesota and dented his helmet, I got a good reminder again this morning.

My husband and I were out riding this morning and he took a really bad spill. He landed on his shoulder and broke his collar bone in two places. He also has quite a goose egg on his head (which would’ve been worse if he hadn’t been wearing the helmet…the helmet needs to be replaced) and sore ribs. I also learned that it’s good to carry a cell phone when you’re out biking (I usually do!), though he happened to take this spill just a few feet from one of the emergency campus phones (do they KNOW that’s a bad spot and people need to make phone calls there???), and it’s good to bike in pairs (I often DON’T…at least not this season). He’ll have to see an orthopedic specialist this week to see if he needs surgery.

Driving home from the hospital, we were both struck by how many people we saw riding without helmets…a couple of guys who were without shirts and helmets both (though I can’t say that the shirt protected my husband too much…maybe from worse scraping?), and a mom with three kids…that was the group that really got to me. In both cases, Preteen and my husband rode off the pavement, and in trying to get back on, wiped out. It can happen to anyone…and it happens in the blink of an eye.

No way am I getting those bike shoes!!! Believe it or not, we were talking about bike shoes (I was saying I think I’d be more likely to wipe out with them on, but he ALMOST had me convinced I’d be okay) when he wiped out! Coincidentally, he WASN’T clipped in when it happened (he had unclipped because we passed a jogger), and he said it probably would’ve been worse if he had been clipped in.


7 thoughts on “Wear a bike helmet!!!!

  1. Very glad your husband is okay!

    And that he’s replacing the helmet–I believe they’re designed to withstand one impact. And worth it, for the sake of withstanding that one impact.

  2. Holey moley! Glad he’s um, recovering.
    Believe itor not, they recently repealed the motorcycle helmet law in PA. And I’ve seen some future organ donors who took advantage of it riding around my area.

    Truly amazing.

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