I wrote a response to the lady at the Iowa City library last night, and cc:ed it to the library director. I found out this morning that they’re going to “discuss” loaning out the chess pieces during their weekly staff meeting. Yes! That’s progress. And in the meantime, the woman who e-mailed me is going to check with circulation services to see whether their circulation software will let them separate out the chess pieces from AV equipment and allow different circulation rules (how would THAT be for a reason…”I’m sorry, you can’t check out the chess pieces because our computer won’t allow it.” It could happen…).

I also found out that Preteen didn’t get a response because he hadn’t included his e-mail address in his letter (I didn’t realize that…), so the woman who responded to me wrote him a letter that will go out in the mail today (I wonder if she wrote it before or after my second e-mail? They weren’t willing to do anything after the first e-mail, but after the second they’re at least talking…).

They’re talking…

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