So I got an e-mail from the Iowa City Library today (completely out of the blue)…the person I contacted a couple weeks ago wanted me to know that they haven’t forgotten me. She’s working with the circulation person to put together procedures to allow Coralville residents to check out the chess pieces (Yes!). She went on to say, “No promises yet but things look good. I’ll keep you posted.”

I thought it was nice of her to e-mail me and give me an update…I hadn’t forgotten about them, either, but I was planning to give them another couple of weeks before asking how the meeting went.

This has been a good learning experience for Preteen, I think…it’s good for him to see that he CAN make a difference. If he goes about it the right way. (In retrospect, I think his letter was probably better than mine…I was so horrified that they were discriminating against Coralville residents, so I was probably a little snarkier than I should’ve been…perhaps I didn’t need to close my first letter with “Please share your toys with everyone.” Preteen’s letter was less emotional…though he DID say how he felt when he found out he couldn’t use the pieces…)

Making progress…(more progress here than on my novel, I’m afraid…)

Update on chess pieces…

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