Here is what I’m working on right now:

1) The Truth About T.M.S. (middle grade novel…editor would like it by Halloween, but needs it by Thanksgiving)

2) Proposal for the sequel to Do You Know the Monkey Man (also a middle grade novel…one I’ve wanted to write since I finished Do You Know the Monkey Man…so WHY IS THIS SO HARD?????)

3) Revision for When Grandpa Had a Stroke (picture book that may actually be coming out next year)

4) A one-page synopsis of a new science fiction mystery that I’m having critiqued at our Iowa SCBWI conference next month…I’ve already got a twelve-page synopsis of this book (in fact, I’ve even got a complete draft of this book…though it needs some major changes in the middle…), but that’s too long. I need shorten it to one page…and while I’m at it, I’d also like to look over the pages I’m having critiqued to see if they can be tightened up any more…

Still thinking about my friend Catherine (and reading her memoir)…she had a wonderful picture book entitled My Head is Full of Colors based on art by Kiki…well, MY head is full of PEOPLE!!!! TOO MANY people!

HELP! There is not room in my head for all these characters and all these stories!

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