I just finished another Reader’s Theatre script. Well, maybe “finished” isn’t quite the right word…I turned in the first draft. I know I still have to do another classroom component, and once everything’s done I’ll have to “gang” (which means seperate out all the parts so that you can see all the lines each individual character is speaking at once) it…which is kind of a pain. Personally, I don’t think that should be the writer’s job, but what can you do?

This script is for middle school…I’ve only done elementary school scripts before. I think what they’re doing for middle school students in this series is really cool — they’re taking classic stories and fracturing them (actually I think they have a few that they’re just doing as straight retellings, too), but then also including some information about the original story (including a sample of the original writing) and the original author. (I was assigned Rip Van Winkle…so I set it in the future, which was kind of fun.) Though I write fiction for middle school students, I’m not sure I’m as good at doing freelance work for middle school students. We’ll see when I get the manuscript back, I guess. It was an interesting project, though.

Anyway…now that that’s turned in, I can concentrate on T.M.S….at least until I see how much revision I have to do on Rip. I have a hard time focusing on more than one project at a time. I told myself I’d spend mornings working on the freelance work this time around, and afternoons working on T.M.S., but it didn’t work out that way. I just felt more obligation to the freelance work than I did to my other work. I think I need to do what c_moonshower does and switch that around. Do MY stuff in the morning and then the freelance stuff in the afternoon. That way I do my stuff first. I wonder if that would work for me?

At any rate, Preteen has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I’ll go sit in the library or the coffee shop and work on T.M.S. while he’s bowling (though this is the weekend before finals week at the university…space in the coffee shop or library may be hard to come by…)

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