I haven’t done as much writing today as I should have…but I did have lunch with a writer friend of mine, so I TALKED a lot about writing. The thing is, it’s 60 degrees here today! 60 degrees in the middle of December in IOWA!!! It’s not very often it’s 60 degrees in mid December in Iowa…so, well, we had to go for a long walk after our lunch to burn off the world’s best chocolate cake that we both ordered on top of our lunches. Okay, I suppose I could have come home and worked on my screen porch…I could’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather that way…in fact, I came home from my lunch and found Teen writing on the screen porch (he had just finished his last final, so he’s off until mid-January, when I’m sure it’ll be much colder than 60 degrees). The kid puts me to shame. He wrote WAY more words in November than I did…on top of taking five classes at the university (and I’m not talking about stuff he wrote for class). But I’m about to take Preteen to his piano lesson….I PROMISE I will write during his lesson rather than read…(or play Scrabble)


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