I LOVE snow days when everyone gets to stay home. Unfortunately, only three of the four of us are home today. The University almost never closes…and Teen had a presentation to give today, so he set out a couple hours ago. But the rest of us are home.

I spent the morning researching that controversial YA novel I’m working on…every now and then I wonder if this is really such a good idea. Well, no…I DO think it’s a good idea. I just wonder whether it’s such a good idea for ME. I’m sort of building a reputation for writing certain kinds of books — books that, for the most part, don’t get people all riled up. Do I really want to mess with that?

Of course, I could always do this book under another name. And the truth is, I DO want to do this book. I’ve wanted to do it for about 15 years.

I’ll probably switch gears this afternoon, though…I have a Toastmaster’s speech to write, I want to revise my school visit presentation, I have a new Boxcar Children book to think about, and I’m behind on my Friday Ideas picture book group…but I probably won’t work on any of that this afternoon. I’ll probably play board games with Preteen instead.

Snow Day!

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