Both the outer screens and the outside of all the windows on the front of our house are covered in a layer of ice, so you can’t see anything through them. My husband says it’s “frosted glass,” which I guess is a “feature,” if you’re trying to sell a house. Which we’re not. I opened the front door to take a quick look outside — it was frozen shut.

Oh, well. I actually don’t mind this weather because we have no place to go (well, I might start to mind if we lose electricity! Or limbs from the trees out back). I stocked up on groceries yesterday. Preteen was supposed to play in a piano festival this morning, but we bailed on that. (It’s possible it was even canceled…it was too big of a festival for them to call every participant, and sandwiched in the middle of the LONG list of cancellations on the KCRG website is the phrase “Many Events Cancelled or Closed – Call ahead.”) And Teen and I had plans to go out for sushi this noon, then go see The Breach…I’m a little more disapointed about missing that than I am the piano festival, even though Teen and I can reschedule and I don’t think the piano festival will be rescheduled.

So I’ve spent the day reading…and writing my book review. So far today, I’ve read susanwrites Hugging the Rock and Susan Patron’s Higher Power of Lucky, both of which are wonderful! I even read the beginning of Higher Power of Lucky out loud to my kids because, well…I’m that kind of mom. They didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I included both books in this month’s book review, too. I even quoted the “offending” passage from Higher Power of Lucky in the review…it’ll be interesting to see whether the newspaper lets it stands or not.

I can’t see out my front windows!

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