My original plan was to take the kids to Washington, D.C. over spring break this year. My husband and I were there about a year before Teen was born, but we haven’t been back. We wanted to wait until the kids were old enough to enjoy/appreciate it. Which they are now. But the American History museum is closed for renovation. So is the F.B.I. building (that and that International Spy Museum were going to be the highlights of the trip). And did you know that you can’t tour the White House at all unless you have a party of TEN??? Can someone explain to me how my family would be less of a threat to national security if there were SIX MORE OF US?

So we need a new plan (if it’s not too late to get the dog in for boarding somewhere). We’re talking about going to Chicago for a few days. They’ve got museums there, too. And we’ve been promising the kids we’d go back there for about three years.

We’ll probably also go visit my dad…clearly I won’t be making the trip myself in the next couple of days. My hometown in southern Minnesota is expecting between 12 and 20 inches of snow between today and Friday. That’s an awful lot of snow, even for Minnesota. And didn’t they just get a foot of snow last weekend?

We’re expecting another round of rain/snow/ice in the next couple of days, too. Hopefully it’ll be mostly rain. I’m beginning to wish we’d made spring break plans a long time ago…and decided to go SOMEPLACE WARM! But usually we don’t even think about going someplace warm because it’s usually pretty warm HERE by spring break time. How much longer is winter going to hang on???

Spring Break

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