I continue to be amazed by the attention I seem to be receiving from this sales rep. at Pelican Press. While I’ve probably had some contact with sales reps from my other publishing companies, I don’t think I could tell you any of their names. I definitely know the name, e-mail address and am starting to recognize the phone number on my caller ID of this sales rep. from Pelican.

Which is really surprising considering I told him I’m really not too crazy about doing book store signings. Sales reps don’t like to hear that from authors. But you know…I just don’t have very good luck with them! (I’ve got one coming up at Prairie Lights in a couple of weeks,though…we’ll see how that one goes…) But these people at Pelican are pretty good about finding other venues for me to sign books.

Scott is trying to set up fire station events (which, considering this is a book on fire fighting, is a good idea!). We’ve got one set up for sure…and he’s looking into others. He’s also got some other interesting things on the back burner.

But the latest thing that we’re actually scheduling is the Iowa State Fair! Apparently I’m going to be signing books THERE this summer! Who knew the Iowa State Fair was the place to go for a book signing??? Not me. But sure…I’ll do it. It’ll give the family an excuse to actually GO to the Iowa State Fair this summer. We’ve lived in Iowa for…wow, could it really be 12 1/2 years already???…and we’ve never gone to the Iowa State Fair (which I understand is quite an “event.”)

I would much rather write the next book than go out and promote myself, but I’m getting better at this!

Thinking outside the box

3 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box

  • April 10, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    WOW! That’s my kind of sales rep! Have fun with all the things he’s lining up!

    • April 11, 2007 at 11:42 pm

      Yeah, mine, too! Maybe working with him will help me think outside the box with future books, too?


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