Bookmarks forever!

The school(s) I visited last Friday did something really cool! They sent me a piece of paper a few months ago and told me they were going to make bookmarks for the kids so that everybody would have something with my signature on it, whether they bought a book or not. So they asked me to write an “inspirational message” of some sort and then sign my name on the paper and send it back. So I did…and then I forgot all about it.

Well, when I got to the school, I found out they’d held a contest! They asked the kids to decorate the bookmarks and then they printed up a bunch. I never did think to ask what the prize was…it wasn’t just that the library made up actual bookmarks of their design, though, because the library made bookmarks of EVERYONE’S design. I thought this was so cool! I tentatively asked whether I could take a couple (because the majority of them had incorporated scenes from my books!), and the nice librarians from each of the schools gave me a whole stack! One of them had even attached all the winners from each grade level to one large sheet of construction paper for me. (I’m planning on framing it and hanging it up in my office!)

I’m sure glad they didn’t ask ME to choose the winner. I don’t think I would’ve been able to. I had a really hard time simply deciding which bookmarks to post! (And I still probably posted too many…)


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Tank bookmarks



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