Teen 1 and Teen 2?

Preteen became an official Teen yesterday. So now I have to figure out what to call my kids when I blog about them. I was thinking Teen 1 and Teen 2, but neither of them likes that idea. One of them suggested I don’t need to blog about them at all, but I’m a mom. I can’t NOT blog about them. Right now I’m thinking College Student and Junior High Kid. That says something about each one of them. But it’s a lot of extra typing.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just go ahead and use their first names…anyone around here knows exactly who I’m talking about anyway. It’s not like I’m really protecting their identities. But it just seems like a good idea to use something other than actual names. So for now, College Student and Junior High Kid it is.

10 thoughts on “Teen 1 and Teen 2?

  1. I debate the whole using names thing too. I just hate to make it totally easy for some freak to find them. At least kids your ages aren’t tricked by strangers as easily!

  2. Re: fake names

    That’s a thought! There’s a story I tell when I do school visits and I change the name of the girl in the story just because I don’t want to ever be giving the talk locally and slip up and give the girl’s REAL name. (It’s a story about where Junior High Kid got the “model” when he drew the diagram of the girl in my Tank Talbott’s Guide to Girls book…the story is NOT flattering to the girl in question.) I could do the same thing in my blog…(though I’d probably get e-mails from Junior High Kid’s friends who wonder why I’m calling him Fred???)

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