I’ve passed some “characters” today while I was going about my life and they were going about theirs.

First, I was on my bike ride this morning and as I approached the tunnel that goes under the freeway, I heard SCREAMING. Not help-me! screaming, just general screaming. I rode into the tunnel and the screaming was still going on. But it stopped abruptly when the guy who was doing the screaming noticed he now had company in the tunnel. In fact, the guy jumped (and he stopped screaming)! How is it a guy who is SCREAMING can jump when I enter the tunnel??? I don’t know…was he just someone who always wanted to go into that tunnel and scream or what? I spent a good portion of my bike ride contemplating what prompts a person to go into a tunnel and scream?

Then, this afternoon Junior High Kid and I went to the library to kill time until his piano lesson. We walked past a really scruffy-looking guy who was watching a video and drinking a half gallon of milk! Out of the carton. Right there in the library while he was watching his video. You cannot buy half gallons of milk in the library. Where did he get it? Hy Vee? (Which is about a half mile down the street) Why did he bring it to the library?

People are interesting…


2 thoughts on “Characters

    • June 1, 2007 at 6:25 pm

      Things come in three’s, right? I should have known I would cross paths with one more character yesterday…last night my neighbor and I went for a walk. We ran into a guy who…well, let’s just say some people should definitely NOT walk around without their shirts on.


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