Starting over…

Okay, I started the ghost story over. I got to the end of the chapter (these chapters are longer than the YA murder mystery chapters) and realized that while I was going for “mysterious” as a tone, I ended up with “morbid.” So I’m going to try again. Which should be easier now that I know what happens in chapter one.

That doesn’t mean I’ve committed to this story over the YA murder mystery. I still really want to do a YA murder mystery. And I like the one I’ve started. It’s got possibilities. I’m not entirely sure where it’s going, though. Or who killed the guy. Or why they killed the guy. I don’t even have the right name for my main character! Right now I’m calling her Megan, but she’s not a Megan. It’s hard for me to write a book when I know the main character’s name isn’t right. How can I truly know a character if I don’t even know his/her name?

That’s one thing I can say for the ghost story. The main character’s name is right. Her name is Clare.

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  1. Shawna started out as an Erica. I forgot what Martha started out with, but it wasn’t Martha. I just grab any old name to begin with. The MC eventually names herself.

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