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We’ve got one tech week down and one to go on the Best Christmas Pageant Ever….and everything is going well. It’s a great show…and I’m not just saying that because Junior High Kid is in it. All the other parents will tell you the same thing.

Junior High Kid was in this show four years ago, which was his first children’s theater experience. He played Elmer Hopkins, which was a great part for a kid who is new to theater. He only had about six lines, so he wasn’t scheduled for every single practice. This time he plays the Father, which he enjoys because he gets a lot of laughs. One of my favorite scenes from the play is during the pageant part of the show…one of the littlest baby angels gets scared and runs off stage, so he has to go get her and carry her back to all the other angels.

Is this the cutest baby angel or what? (And I can say that since I’m not her mom.)

You can tell Junior High Kid is getting a little tired of people taking pictures of him carrying her around. He’s also pretty anxious to take that tie off and get the cast party started!

So, I may be a little bit crazy, but I’m on the children’s theater board (that’s not necessarily the crazy part…though former members of the board might disagree with me on that)…and we’re TALKING about the possibility of my adapting my Truth About Truman School, which comes out next spring, to the theater and having this group perform it. The idea is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

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