Clean calendar

I feel like I have to mark this date somehow. It’s the only weekday all month (not including Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, since that’s a holiday) where I have NOTHING on my calendar. No meetings to go to. No class. No friendly get-together. Nothing. (Except pick Junior High Kid up at 4:30…but I have to pick him up every day, so that doesn’t count, either.)

Not that I’m really complaining…I like having lots of things to do. It’s just weird to have a blank day. Even if I look at the weekends, too (and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), there are only three days all month where I have nothing on the calendar.

I’ve been staying on track with my book. I’m doing 25 pages per week. Which will still give me two weeks to tweak before I have to turn it in mid-March.

No problem.

It’s amazing what one can accomplish if one closes one’s e-mail program all morning.

7 thoughts on “Clean calendar

  1. Aren’t days with no appointments heavenly? I need one soon! And that reminds me, I’m going to schedule a weekday off for me soon, too! Glad the book progress is going well!

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