An interesting turn of events…

A week ago I got a message on my answering machine from the Iowa SCBWI Regional Advisor. She said she’d called the Peachtree office to see if they had an editor (preferably one who did novels) who might be willing to come to our conference, but she couldn’t remember who my editor was…she said I didn’t need to call her back; she was mainly just giving me a heads up in case I heard anything from Peachtree.

I certainly didn’t expect to hear anything from Peachtree…I wasn’t the one who’d called the office. I didn’t expect the invitation to get to MY editor since my editor doesn’t actually work in the office. And I certainly didn’t think the R.A. was talking about THIS conference (the one in APRIL!); I figured she was planning ahead for the next one, whenever that was going to be.

Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.

The R.A. was indeed talking about this next conference…the one in April. The invitation DID make it to my editor…she’s coming! AND…she and I are going to do a session on the author-editor relationship together! Which is exciting in a terrifying sort of way (or would that be terrifying in an exciting sort of way?) I suggested to my editor that we just sort of skip the whole get-up-in-front-of-the-audience thing and go share a bottle of wine instead (I know, I know…I’m a BAD toastmaster for even thinking such a thing, much less actually suggesting it). At least I’ve met her before (twice, as a matter of fact), so I don’t have to stress about the whole what’s-she-going-to-be-like-in-person thing…I only have to stress about the actual presentation (why is it I have no problem at all with a school visit…but getting up in front grown-ups still scares me? Must have something to do with my mental age…) Seriously though, I’m sure it’ll be fun. Author-editor combo presentations always used to be my favorite presentations to listen to…now I actually get to do one.

But if I don’t have this Monkey Man sequel done by then, things are going to be VERY uncomfortable for one of us that weekend.

11 thoughts on “An interesting turn of events…

  1. “but getting up in front grown-ups still scares me”

    I’m with you. My daughter tried out for the local community theater. Several of her friends were there, many my students or former students. After chants of “Cana! Cana! Cana!”, I gave in and tried out too. Several days later I still couldn’t believe I’d done it, (teens can talk me into just about anything) and I was dreading hearing that I’d actually made it. I’ve talked to the person in charge since, and she knows not to include me. I mean, what was I thinking? LOL.

    You’ll do great with your editor. I think it will be really fun. They won’t ask you anything you don’t know, and you and your editor will have a chance to get to know each other better too! Enjoy. We in the land of unpubbed love to hear editor/writer connection stories.

  2. Have fun, Dori! When I taught 8th grade, I felt the same way–Don’t make me talk in front of grownups. Now I’m fairly comfy in front of grownups (after several years of occasional classes and conference presentations) but I’m terrified about an upcoming school visit.

    You’ll do great! Better get that sequel done:>)

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