I don’t normally do memes, but whatever. I feel like doing one today.

1. The writing is going WELL!!!! There is a chance I will actually reach the end of T.J.’s Story in a week…which then gives me two more weeks to go through it and polish things up before the new date my editor and I agreed on (and if I don’t make THAT date, I’m in big trouble).

2. My husband’s friend, the former computer guy who got out of the rat race to open up a Middle Eastern restaurant makes the BEST spicy tomato cilantro soup! It’s one of the best soups I’ve ever had in my entire life. (He makes good falafel, too!) And he made it on yoga night, so I got a batch to go and have been enjoying it all week. It’s gone now, though. šŸ™

3. How is it a child who “forgets” to go to ONE orchestra lesson suddenly ends up with a D- in the class (I was not amused with said child!)…but then makes up the ONE lesson and suddenly has a B+? ONE lesson is really worth that much this far into the term???

4. College Student is waiting to hear whether he got an AMAZING internship for this summer. I think we’re all on pins and needles waiting to hear, though getting it will mean he won’t be living here this summer. He’s in a good position…he says he won’t be heart-broken if he doesn’t get it. He’s actually got TWO other jobs that are his is he wants them. So he’ll be fine. But this would be such a good opportunity!!!

5. It’s mandolin lesson day!!!! I love my mandolin lesson…and with school visits and my writing I haven’t had nearly as much time to play as I normally have. But I took time to just play last night…so much time, in fact, that I have sore finger tips again. My teacher will be very happy for me.

Friday Five

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