The End

Are there more beautiful words in the English language??? I think not. Not if you’re a writer…not if you’re a writer who has struggled to write a book the way I have struggled to write this one.

I pushed hard on it all weekend and got close to the end, but didn’t quite make it. And then for some reason yesterday I let myself get distracted most of the day. After writing close to 30 pages over the weekend, I only managed to write 2 the whole day yesterday. So I decided when I got home from yoga last night (all calm and centered!) I would stay up until I could type T-H-E E-N-D. It worked for sarah_prineas a couple nights ago (and she may not have even needed the yoga to get herself into the state where she could finish)…and it worked for me last night. (sarah_prineas was only up until 9:30…I was up until 11:30.)

I celebrated by: 1) writing this blog entry (I decided no more blogging until I got to the end of this book…); 2) taking College Student out for sushi; and 3) riding my 22-mile bike route (well, actually I could only go 20 miles because the high river water blocked the last two miles…I had to detour around closed trails earlier in my ride, too. And the funny thing is I was actually out riding when the water rose up over the bike trail behind Taco Bell a couple weeks ago. It was the weirdest thing…everything was fine when I went through there the first time. The water was over the bank, but it wasn’t on the trail. It took me 20 minutes to get from there to City Park, make my circle and come back. In that 20 minutes, the water had risen so far over the trail that I didn’t dare go through it. At all. And I will go through SOME water…but once it looks like it would cover half my tire, I don’t go through it…because water is usually deeper than it looks…and you don’t mess around with river water.).

That leaves me with just under two weeks to revise before I have to turn this in to my editor. I have a couple of trusted readers who are nice enough to read a manuscript that I know is not my best work yet (not to mention read it QUICKLY) and offer me advice on what to focus on in these next two weeks, so that will help. At least it’s ALL there now…a full and complete manuscript. There was a time I wasn’t sure this day would ever come.

13 thoughts on “The End

  1. Good luck!! I’m a few weeks away from my own “The End” and it seems like a long journey already. Enjoy the great sense of being finished (well except for editing).

    Hope you’re doing well!! I’m signed up again for LA/Nationals. If you ever go again let me know!


  2. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations on finishing the book! Boy, it’s been quite a trek, hasn’t it!?

    Probably a good thing you didn’t bike on a flooded City Park path. One of ’em has developed a deep sink hole during the last couple of days. Eek!

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