Friday Five

1. I can jog 3.2 miles without taking a break to walk in between. I know because I did it today. And I did it in 31 minutes, which yes, is still slow, but it’s faster than I used to do it. I used to do it in 33 minutes.

2. College Student has an AWESOME internship lined up for this summer. Great experience, will look good on his resume and will likely lead to other amazing things for him, great pay…the only problem is the internship is halfway across the country.

3. I am handling #2 better than I expected to be. But…see #2 (great experience et.). And he IS 18…he started college young, so going away to college was never really an option for him. This will be good for him. And probably good for me, too, to get used to what it will be like when he’s not here. At least I’ll know he’s coming back in 12 weeks!

4. I got feedback on Monkey Man 2 from one of my most-trusted readers and I’m still feeling okay about things. Still working HARD this next week, but it’ll be okay to send it to my editor.

5. It’ll just be Junior High Kid and me tonight…I think we’re going to get monster burritos from Chipotle and have a Veronica Mars marathon (he still hasn’t seen them all). Unless he gets a better offer between now and then. He’s more likely to get a better offer than I am.

13 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I wish I didn’t have stoplights on my run – they give me a chance to stand still and catch my breath. I need to stop taking so many stops (see also – need to blow nose, need to change song on ipod)

  2. #1 I am jealous of the jogging. I haven’t been able to run for years now and I miss it. (Big on track in school.)

    #2 YEAH! and boo!

    #3 It will be good for both of you. But hard. Very hard.

    #4 YEAH again. Good feedback always makes me work harder.

    #5 LOL

    Happy Friday/

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