I have not messed with chapters one through thirteen AT ALL. However, I did e-mail my editor some pointed questions today that would involve messing with two scenes in those first thirteen chapters.

I also asked her what she thought about the final showdown (i.e. the climax) between two main characters happening ON THE PHONE rather than in person. I know how one person who reads this blog feels about that…and as a general rule, I tend to agree with her. But given what I have set up, I honestly don’t see a way to bring these characters face to face for this showdown. Perhaps my editor has an idea? Or…maybe she won’t think it’s a big deal?

My biggest hurdle with this book right now is Grandpa. Who are you, Grandpa??? What makes you tick? Most important, how has this “thing” you’ve been carrying around for 20 years affected you? If I can answer that one question, I can answer everything else. And I can write the scene (or possibly scenes?) that needs to be written.

I have been very, very good!

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