I don’t normally exercise in the afternoon…but I had someone coming to clean my fireplace this morning, so I didn’t get around to exercising until afternoon. And when I’m exercising, I don’t normally stop to answer the phone. I figure anyone who really wants to talk to me will leave a message.

But today, for some reason, when the phone rang while I was riding the exercise bike, I decided to get off the bike and see who it was. I almost NEVER do that. But I must’ve had some sort of sixth sense about this phone call because it was definitely worth interrupting my exercise for! It was the person from Albert Whitman & Co. who makes the GOOD NEWS phone calls…she was calling to tell me they’re going forward with my series!!!!

I am so psyched!!!! I have always wanted my own series! Always! And I really, really LIKE this series idea…

It’s a chapter book series…they’re doing three books to start with…and they need all three by mid-July! Yes, of THIS year.

So Anna Winkler goes back on hold…for now. But that’s okay! It’s worth it to have my own series.

I’m a little bit nervous about whether or not I can really do three books by mid-July…but like I said, they’re chapter books. And I’ve been looking for things to throw myself into right now to keep my mind off the fact my oldest is moving halfway across the country…what better thing to throw myself into than my own series? I’m going to be too busy to mope in June!

I’ll feel better about making that deadline once I have solid outlines for all three books. If I know exactly where the books are going, I can write them fairly quickly. And that’s going to be the first step…I already have a detailed outline of book one, so now they want me to do the same thing for books two and three…before I finish writing book one.

Hey, once I have those outlines, maybe I’ll feel positive enough about making that deadline that I’ll be able to work part-time on the series books and part-time on Anna? I don’t have any other job besides WRITER and MOM…other people manage to write books while holding down a fulltime job. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to at least do the chapter books by mid-July…


BTW, Albert Whitman & Co. publishes the Boxcar Children series…they published the first one in the 1940s and they’ve never done any other series (I asked…in case there was one I didn’t know about!). So one could say they have a pretty good track record when it comes to series books!

(Ha! I should be so lucky to have come up with the next “Boxcar Children” series…but why not? If you’re going to dream, why not dream BIG???)

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  1. Re: Hooray!

    I probably COULD, but it still feels a little surreal…like talking too much about it could jinx the whole thing. But I will say that it’s a mystery series for beginning chapter book readers.

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