I love to visit schools and libraries and I love to share my passion for reading and writing. In fact, I am on a quest to do an author visit in all 50 states. You can read about that here.

School Visits
Presentations for Adults
Skype Chats
Why Author Visits?
How can I afford an author visit?
What People Say

School and Library Presentations

I love to visit schools and I am comfortable talking with all grade levels. I have different presentations for different age groups. I typically do three sessions per day. These sessions can include any combination of large group presentations, small group discussions and/or writing workshops. If you need a fourth session, that can be arranged for an additional fee. If you'd like to share my visit and expenses with another school for one day, I am happy to do two sessions at one school and two sessions at another.

Please allow at least 15 minutes between sessions, time for lunch, and, if necessary, time to get to a second school.

Large Group Presentations

What is an Author? (Grades K-1)
From Dream to Reality (Grades 2-4)
From Dream to Reality (Grades 4-6)
Building a Life as a Children's Book Author (Middle/High School)
An All-School (or all grade) Truth About Truman School Author Visit Program
A Small Group Book/Bullying Discussion

Writing Workshops

It's Okay to Get Emotional: A Workshop on Writing with Emotional Impact
How Character and Plot Work Together
What? You Mean it's Not Already Perfect? (A Workshop on Revising Fiction)

Presentations for Adults

Five Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Writing
Writing Mysteries for Kids
Creating Series for Kids
Oh no! My Book Has Been Challenged. Now what?

Skype Chats

I am happy to talk to your group via Skype.

I don't do any sort of formal presentation. I ask that everyone in the group have read or heard at least one of my books first and come prepared with questions.

I do 15-minute "Meet & Greet" Q&A sessions for FREE. If you need more than one session or more than 15 minutes, I ask for a small fee.

E-mail me for details. Important: Please tell me what time zone you’re in! I’m in the Pacific Time Zone

Why Author Visits?

Author Visits Benefit students, the library, the school, and the community. Here's how:

  • They create visibility for the school
  • They provide an opportunity for community PR and partnerships between the school and the community
  • They initiate personal connections between students and book creators
  • They motivate students to read and write
  • They create a surge in library usage
  • They motivate students to have a goal or dream and not give up when things get hard
  • They contribute to improvements in reading scores
  • They improve school morale

Here's a LINK to an article on the value of an author visit.

And here's a LINK to more information on making an author visit successful.

Think you can't afford an author visit?

me and elise-001Here's a 5th grader who really wanted me to come to her school:

Believe it or not, she raised the money for my visit on her own!
Read about why she wanted me to come, how she raised the money, and what she thought about the visit HERE.

Here are some other ideas for funding author visits:
–Host a fundraiser at your school
—Go to your local PTA/PTO
–Go to your local Friends of the Library
–Go to other Go to local civic organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis etc.
–Apply for a grant. Here are some:

Steps to Beginning the Funding Process:
1. Figure out the cost (author's honorarium, transportation, lodging, food, books)
2. Assign a teacher, librarian or parent to be in charge of writing the funding request. To see a sample funding request letter, click HERE
3. Have that person write the letter on school letterhead describing:

  • -A need (What educational objective are you hoping to address?)
  • -How will the school fill that need (i.e. author/illustrator visit)
  • -The specific request (Money, but perhaps also volunteer time? Promotion?)
  • -What the school will contribute as a partner (Shared expense? Promote the organization?)
  • -The expected outcome (Include how many students will be served by this program and in what way they will benefit? Describe expected short-term and long-term gains?)


What Teachers and Librarians Say After My Visit

"Our students were flabbergasted at the amount of time it takes for an author's final copy to get into the hands of the readers. Dori's presentation really opened the eyes of the readers and writers in our school, and made me appreciate the true love of writing that most authors possess." -Mrs. Steinhart (Washington, IA)

"Our students still talk about your visit, and your books are never on our shelves." -Mrs. Kunde (Coralville, IA)

"One of the highlights of our Summer Reading Program was having Dori Butler lead a book discussion for 6th – 8th graders about one of her books; The Truth About Truman School.  Not only did the students get to know Dori, and learn how she’s turned her passion into an amazing writing career, they also had an awesome discussion about bullying and what goes on in their schools.  I was amazed at how comfortable the kids were talking to her about very personal issues and how insightful Dori’s comments were.  An invaluable experience for all involved!" – Karen Stierler (Coralville Public Library)

"Dori Butler's enlightening keynote address earned a standing ovation from a room full of Youth Librarians.  The passion Dori has for her young readers is impressive.  Children, Tweens, and Teens need to discover this author's award-winning books if they haven't already. –Debbie Wagenbach, Youth Services Librarian

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